Choosing the right style of silver earrings for you

Silver EarringsSilver earrings are available in numerous different styles from simple studs or hoops to dazzling and unique chandeliers. Treat yourself to a pair of luscious cubic zirconia earrings (crystal earrings) or gather an assortment of fashion earrings for your jewellery box at the lowest guaranteed price here at Silver Supermarket.

Silver earrings are a jewellery staple for many women. Silver earrings match most colours well and are flattering to a variety of skin tones. Silver is also a cost-effective choice and silver jewellery pieces are available across a wide range of prices. To start building a versatile sterling silver earring wardrobe that suits all occasions, try adding the top five silver earring styles to your jewellery collection. With these silver earrings, you can easily be well-accessorized, no matter what you are wearing.

Silver earrings are among the most flattering and popular of jewellery styles. Sparkling gems and precious metals brighten the face, and dangling earrings visually elongate the neck. Even the most basic silver hoops or crystal studs dress up a casual outfit and complete the look.

It is important for us here at Silver Supermarket to know that you are completely confident when purchasing silver earrings and so we hope you find the following information helpful.

1. Beaded earrings: Beaded silver earrings are especially exclusive, particularly when they’re made by hand or include odd beads and stones. Bead silver earrings are exciting to wear with any casual outfit and especially look great in the warmer seasons.

2. Drop earrings: Drop or dangle silver earrings come in a number of styles from single stones to crystal chandeliers. Drop silver earrings are easy to wear and compliment any outfit.

3. Hoop earrings: Silver hoop earrings can complement any mood or outfit, depending on their size and shape. They allow women to feel flirty and sexy or even demure and modest. Silver hoop earrings are available from 10mm up to 100mm in size.

4. Novelty earrings: Novelty sterling silver earrings are a lot of fun and can bring a touch of playfulness to your overall look. Novelty silver earrings also make great gifts.

5. Stud earrings: Silver stud earrings offer adaptability and effortlessness, making them a fashionable jewellery piece. Silver stud earrings are understated while still being beautiful. Silver studs can be of a simple style such as a small silver ball or they can be crafted with crystal, gemstones or pearls. Silver studs may also be used to compliment other silver jewellery items such as a silver pendant.