Choosing the right style of ring for you

Silver RingsHere at Silver Supermarket we offer an excellent selection of sterling silver rings from the classic styles like the solitaire or eternity ring to the modern glitzy cocktail ring. Choosing a ring setting is an important step in finding the ring that fits your personality. Below is a brief summary of the most fashionable and favoured sterling silver ring styles today.

It is important for us here at Silver Supermarket to know that you are completely confident when purchasing silver rings. We hope you find the following information helpful.

1. Cluster ring: Describes a group of stones clustered together resembling a flower at the focal point of the ring. Cluster settings will usually consist of one larger stone surrounded by several smaller stones usually round or oval in shape.

2. Cocktail ring: Fun and sparkly, fashion and flirty describe the cocktail ring well. The cocktail ring is often referred to as a dinner ring offering a dramatic statement to any outfit. Create that diamond look at an affordable price with a cubic zirconia (CZ) cocktail ring.

3. Eternity ring: Describes a row of gemstones with the same cut and size. The gemstones could be of either precious or semi-precious in quality such as a diamond, cubic zirconia or topaz and they would usually be round or square in shape. Eternity rings are When the gemstones are set around the entire ring however if the gemstones are set only halfway around the ring this is referred to as a Half-eternity ring.

4. Pinky Ring: A ring commonly worn today by both women and men. The pinky ring is not gender specific and describes a style of ring that is worn on the “pink finger” or little finger. Silver Ring

5. Tension set ring: An excellent style of ring if you would like to show off your stone. In a tension style setting the gemstone is held between two pieces of metal. Cubic zirconia is an excellent choice for the gemstone in a tension set ring as its facets will capture the light.

6. Solitaire ring: Timeless and classic describes the solitaire style ring. A single gemstone held by a set of 4-6 prongs. Named the “Tiffany mount” after Tiffany & Co. who popularized the style. The Solitaire is the most favoured setting for an engagement ring. A cubic zirconia solitaire ring (crystal ring) brings the beauty of this classic diamond style for a more affordable budget.

7. Stackable ring: Interchangeable and versatile, stackable rings are a must have for today’s jewellery collection. Change your look by collecting several different styles of stackable rings and experimenting with the results. Add a gemstone ring such as cubic zirconia or a topaz to add some colour to your creation. So if it’s a day in the office or a night on the town stackable rings will always be a great choice.