Different types of chain necklaces

Silver NecklaceThere are many styles of silver chain necklaces available to buy at different lengths and thicknesses designed to be worn by women, men and children. Sterling silver chain necklaces can be worn either on their own on with a type of silver pendant or silver charm.

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Silver Necklace1. Byzantine chain: Two pairs of oval-shaped links are held together then parted by a third link thinker in size and attached to each pair. The byzantine silver chain is very detailed in design.

2. Cable chain: A simple design made up of numerous small oval links connected together.

3. Curb chain: Similar in design to the cable chain with the interlocking links identical in shape and size. The only distinguishing feature is that the curb silver chain is much flatter in shape.

4. Figaro chain: Consists of two to three short circular links followed by a larger oval-shaped link repeated throughout the silver chain. Both sizes of links are attached with grooves and therefore lay flat. Figaro silver chains are a popular choice for men’s jewellery.

5. Foxtail chain: A flat row of rings run down the centre connecting together oval shaped links that face one another. The foxtail silver chain has a complex and detailed design.

6. Herringbone chain: A flat chain consisting of numerous small links situated close together. The herringbone silver chain has a slanted appearance with two or more rows of links that alternate in direction from one another.

7. Mariner chain: Oval links that contain a bar dividing the middle of every link.

8. Omega chain: A wide chain that is flat in style and often reversible. Silver omega chains have smooth, rounded links crimped along the ends on to a metal mesh strip.

9. Rope chain: Two thin silver chains are twisted together to create a thicker more chunky spiral appearance.

10. Serpentine chain:
The serpentine chain is composed of links that are in an "S" shape, and they are laid next to each other. There is another set of links below the first, and the two sets are connected together.

11. Snake chain: Rounded pieces of metal attach together to form the style of a tube. Also known as the Brazilian chain the snake chains distinguishing feature is its wavy joints that attach next to one another.