Top 5 styles of drop earrings

Drop EarringsDrop earrings are both versatile and traditional, whilst looking great accessorized with any outfit to complete the look. Drop earrings are among the most flattering of jewellery styles. The dazzling gems and precious silver metals brighten the face while the long dangling designs elongate the neck.

Even the most basic silver earrings can be used to dress up a casual outfit and create a smart, brushed look. We have provided you with the top five most popular styles of silver drop earrings available for your jewellery box.

1. Chandelier: Chandelier earrings are admired for a lot of reasons, such as their beauty, adaptability and movement. They suggest an incredible style and come in many styles. Chandelier earrings go well with the most beautiful formal gown, while other chandelier earrings give jeans that little spark. The best thing about these earrings is that all types of chandelier earrings catch the light as they sway, bringing everyone’s attention to the woman’s best feature, her face.
Drop Earrings
2. Charms: Charm drop earrings are incredibly fashionable and unusual. Charms are offered in different forms, colours and lengths and normally hang from hoop earrings or plain chains. Charm drop earrings complete any look, either a pair of diamond charm earrings with a skirt and dressy top to a disco or revamp trousers and a jacket for work.

3. Gemstone: Gemstone drop earrings can qualify any gem range in any situation. A popular choice is choosing a pair of earrings that match your birthstone. Gemstone drop earrings are stylish and luxurious and come in numerous different cost ranges.

4. Geometric: Geometric drop earrings are different and edgy while at the same time, still very elegant. There are lots of styles to choose from, including strangely shaped hoop earrings, unique bunches of diamonds or gemstones and interlinking shape chains. Geometric drop earrings are also extremely handy.

5. Teardrop: Teardrop earrings appear like a teardrop or raindrop shape in many different ways. Some teardrop earrings drop just underneath the earlobe and are made out of one whole metal piece like sterling silver. Other teardrop earrings display a gorgeous gemstone on a long chain. These beautiful earrings can be formal or laid-back, and every girl has to have a set of these in her jewellery box.