The History of the Ring

Silver RingTo look at the history of the ring we would need to go back in time approximately 4,800 years when it was good custom to give and receive ornamental jewellery “rings” as gifts of appreciation. The most common type of ring given was a finger ring however other types of rings were also given such as neck rings and arm rings.

RSilver Ringings today are worn by both women and men consisting of many different types of material including metal, wood, glass, gemstone or plastic or other materials. Today gold or silver rings are frequently set with a “gemstone” categorized as either precious or semi-precious such as diamond, topaz, cubic zirconia or amber. There are literally hundreds of different types of gemstones.

Engagement rings or wedding rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This in fact stems from an old Egyptian belief that the left hand fourth digits vein is connected directly to the heart; the vein of love. Or it may be because the heart is located slightly to the left hand side of the body.

Before a couple agree to marry they may well agree to wear engagement rings also referred to as a “promise ring”. After marrying and receiving wedding rings some brides prefer to have their engagement ring and wedding ring soldered together.