Amethyst JewelleryAmethyst

The gemstone Amethyst has been worn as protection from self deception as well as witch craft as far back as the ancient Egyptians with the word Amethyst coming from the Greek meaning “without drunkenness” and it is believed that the gemstone protects one from poison and guards against drunkenness and helps to keep a sober mind. Amethyst is Crystalline Quartz in shades of purple and mauve and as well as being a protective stone it is also thought of as a power stone, specifically a dream stone, used to help treat insomnia, headaches and bring about pleasant dreams. Amethyst is the stone often worn by healers, usually set in silver, and it is used to help problems with breathing as well as problems in the blood, as amethyst is used to keep the air and life force in the home clean and positive, and it is said that placing amethyst in the sun helps heal negativity in the home. Placing amethyst in moon light creates a calmer mood in the home and used during meditation increases spiritual feelings, helps cravings and is said to help one over come fears.