Topaz Jewellery

Pure Topaz is colourless, however more often than not it is tinted by impurities, giving the gemstone colour. Topaz can be found in yellow, red, and blue but can also be finished in green, gold and pink, however pink topaz is very rare.

Naturally sourced blue topaz is quite rare but can be heat-treated to enhance the colour and create a deeper, bolder blue colour. Topaz is a soothing stone that heels and energizes and will direct energy to the place it is needed as well as being a promoter of truth and forgiveness and it is said to help find ones own path in life.

Blue topaz is a very soothing and calming stone helping to distance one from stress and worry as it is a problem solving gem that increases ones vibratory rate helping one to over come problems and rise above them as well as helping to sort out muddled up feelings and ideas. Blue topaz promotes truth and honesty giving one and inspired and uplifting feeling, openness and forgiveness as well as helping one discover inner riches and attain goals.