Black Agate

Black Agate JewelleryBlack Agate is said to bring good sprits in to ones life as well as attracting good fortune and can also help in over coming fears, flaws and loneliness and eliminates bad luck. Agate is a very protective gemstone and encourages fertility along with protecting new life therefore is encouraged to wear during pregnancy as well as being an admirable gemstone for children’s jewellery as it is known for shielding children from falling.

Black agate is the gemstone for helping to deal with emotions as agate brings courage, strength and self – Confidence. Due to the harmonizing abilities of black agate its emotional energies help to release resentment and anger it is said to help heal and improve relationships.

Originally agate was placed in water for drinking to heal sickness and historically it was used on the breastplates of armor as agate is the stone of strength and the gemstone is said to make warriors victorious during battle furthermore it is encouraged to be worn for courage and success in competitions.