Birthstone Jewellery

The Birthsones are:

January - Garnet (Eternity, Truth, Faith)
February – Amethyst (Health, Luck, Witt) 
March – Aquamarine (understanding, happiness) 
April – Diamond (Eternity, Courage, Health) 
May – Emerald (Goodness, Fidelity, Love)
June – Pearl (Nobility, Beauty, Peace)
July – Ruby (Enthusiasm, Strength, Love)
August – Peridot (Success, Luck, Pease)
September – Sapphire (Serenity, Truth)
October – Opal (Wisdom, Purity, Hope)
November – Topaz (Sincerity, courage, Wisdom)
December – Tanzanite (Prosperity, Happiness, Health)

During the first Century, Flarius Josephus connected specific gemstones to the signs of the zodiac, it was said that wearing the specific stone each month would ensure access to special healing or magical powers and one would be protected and empowered throughout the year. However it wasn't until much later that Jewish gem traders in Germany created the first birth stone listings. Still the jewelry business Tiffany and Co published one of several Georgian Birthstone poems in 1870 where specific qualities were established and given to the gemstones assigned to each month of the year.